Completed Goods

Sl.No Package Name Package Code Proc. Method FIRM
1 Bridges and potentiometer TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/36 Shopping Elmatics Enterprises
2 Cables and Installation for multimedia projectors, interactive boards TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/94 Direct Contract Binary Systems
3 CATIA and DELMIA TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/47 Direct Contract EDS Technologies Pvt. Ltd
4 Computer Furniture TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/24 Shopping Chair Zone
5 DSP boards TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/28 Shopping Edgate Technologies
6 E TAP Software TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/43 Direct Contract ETAP Automation Pvt. Ltd.
7 Electrical trainer kits TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/37 Shopping Elmatics Enterprises
8 Electronics Text books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/56 Shopping Current books india pvt ltd
9 Eleven Lab PCB Prototyping Machine TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/45 Direct Contract ENTUPLE Technologies
11 HFSS TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/8 Direct Contract ENTUPLE Technologies
12 IC Testers and programmer TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/19 Shopping Kitek Technologies Pvt.Ltd
13 IEEE ASPP e journal TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/55 Direct Contract Global Information Systems Technology Pvt Ltd
14 LABVIEW TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/39 Direct Contract Trident Techlabs Pvt Ltd
15 LibraryReferenceFurniture TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/96 Shopping ALAPPATT AGENCIES PVT LTD
16 Logic Analyzer TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/18 Shopping Innovative Instruments Inc
17 MATLAB TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/13 Direct Contract M/s. CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
18 mentorgraphics modelsim TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/16 Direct Contract CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
19 Mi Power software TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/44 Direct Contract TRIDAX ENGINEERING SOFTWARES PVT. LTD.
20 Microwave test bench TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/11 Shopping Scientific Enterprises
21 Mutlimedia Projectors and interactive boards TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/91 Direct Contract Binary Systems
22 NI ELVIS II TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/41 Direct Contract Trident Techlabs Pvt Ltd
23 Office furniture TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/25 Direct Contract Godrej boyce
24 Optical fibre trainer kits TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/12 Shopping Benchmark electronic Systems pvt ltd
25 OrCad software TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/46 Direct Contract FTD AUTOMATION PVT. LTD.
26 Oscilloscopes TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/4 Shopping Innovative Instruments Inc
27 Power electronics trainer kit TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/38 Shopping Elmatics Enterprises
28 power quality analyzer TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/93 Direct Contract CONVERGENT TECHNOLOGIES
29 power supplies TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/2 Shopping Innovative Instruments Inc
30 Printers and copiers TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/14 Shopping RICOH INDIA LIMITED
31 rheostats TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/33 Shopping scientific enterprises
32 Science direct e journal TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/76 Direct Contract International Book House Pvt. Ltd.
33 signal generators TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/3 Shopping Innovative Instruments Inc
34 Spectrum Analyzer TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/17 Shopping Innovative Instruments Inc
35 Springer -e Journal TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/79 Direct Contract Global Information Systems Technology Pvt Ltd
36 Tally accounting software TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/78 Direct Contract Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd
37 Trainer kits-microprocessors, microcontrollers, Digital IC. TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/20 Shopping Kitek Technologies Pvt.Ltd
38 Transformer and load TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/31 Shopping scientific enterprises
39 Video conferencing equipment TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/21 Shopping Zerone Technologies
40 Xilinix University VIVADO System Edition S - 25 user license TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/15 Direct Contract CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
41 JET ejournal TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/77 Direct Contract INFORMATICS (INDIA) LTD
42 Barcode printer and scanner TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/29 Shopping Van League Automation Solutions pvt Ltd
43 Estinet network simulator TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/51 Direct Contract Dell Soft Technologies
44 Hard disk TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/
Team Frontline Limited
45 AC machines TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/32 Shopping Elmatics Enterprises
46 Air conditioner TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/
47 Class room furniture TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/26 Shopping KERALA SIDCO
48 Diesel generator TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/23 Shopping Southern Associates
49 Mechanical Text books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/60 Shopping Current books india pvt ltd
50 Lab Furniture TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/27 Shopping KERALA SIDCO
51 Servers TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/49 NCB Frontier business system pvt ltd
52 Xilinix FPGA Boards TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/81 Shopping CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.
53 general books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/74 Shopping Current books india pvt ltd
54 Electrical measuring instruments TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/35 Shopping Elmatics Enterprises
55 Computer Text books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/57 Shopping Current books india pvt ltd
56 Text books- applied science TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/59 Shopping Current books india pvt ltd
57 Network Accessories TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/10 NCB Zerone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
58 Electrical Text books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/58 Shopping Current books india pvt ltd
59 Computers TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/5 NCB Frontier business system pvt ltd
60 UPS TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/6 NCB Novatuer Electrical&Digital systems
61 Voice & Data Cabling TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/92 Shopping Isyx Technologies
62 Fire Safety Equipment TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/111 Direct Contract J& A Associates
63 Projector Screen and Metal Box TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/105 Direct Contract Binary Systems
64 ASTM Digital Library TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/128
Direct Contract
65 E Books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/107
Direct Contract
66 ID Card Printer TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/109
KM Technologies ,Kottayam
67 Stabilizer for AC TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/101
Frank Sudhachand & Co Pvt Ltd,Cochin
68 Interactive visualiser TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/134
HIND Digital Solution ,Kottayam
69 Audio System Smart Class Room & Auditorium TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/106
HIND Digital Solution ,Kottayam
70 Telephone TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/139
Nevus Telesystems
71 Fire Wall TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/116
ISYX Technologies,Cochin
72 Microsoft Open value Education Solution TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/132
Smart Soft ,Vyttilaa
73 Physics Lab Apparatus TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/143
Holamrc Opto Mechatronics Private Ltd,HMT Colony P O,Kalamasserry, Kochi
74 Cut Section of Machines TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/137
Elmatics Enterprises,Kochi
75 Electrical Demonstrator TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/136
Elmatics Enterprises,Kochi
76 Platform & Lectern TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/114
SIDCO Marketing Centre
77 Campus Automation Software TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/130
78 Furniture for Chemistry and Physics lab TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/145 Shopping Kairali Furnishers,Alappuzha
79 Foundry Tools for Mechanical Workshop TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/146 Shopping M/s.Heera,
80 Raspberry Pi Kit with Accessories TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/151 Shopping Bitsforge Technologies Pvt Ltd, NGO Quarters, Trikkakara, Kochi
81 Chemistry lab Equipment and apparatus TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/144 Shopping M/s.Laborartory Equipment Store,Ernakulam
82 Electronic video surveillance system TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/150 Shopping eye Secure Technologies, B3 Ground Floor, Penta Estate, Palarivattom, Cochin
83 Equipment for Civil Workshop TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/147 Shopping Sceintific Enterprises
84 Staff cabin with Accessories TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/149 Shopping Aiswarya Furnishers, Bernad Junction, Kalavoor, Alappuzha
85 Test and Measuring Instruments TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/152 Shopping APLAB Limited, Chittoor Road, Kochi
86 New Books TEQIP-II/KL/KL1G19/148 Shopping Current Books Pvt Ltd,Kottayam
87 Gas Cylinders for Chemistry Lab TEQIP-II-KL/KLIG19/153 Direct Contract Devi Bharath Gas
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