We started our techfest back in the year of 2014. Christening it Zealous, the techfest was absolutely just that, a big festival. It manifested itself to be an ideal platform for budding engineers to explore and exploit diverse talents in various spheres. And by the time, their time with Zealous was over they were not 'budding' engineers anymore they were more than halfway into being a full blossom. It more or less won every heart that was present. There was something for everyone.

Zealous was almost like a lovable beast, roaring in its magnificence, it left its sound in everyone's soul. Zealous proved itself to its name, proved to be the one for the for those who show their skills with absolute zeal. Zealous for its time alive had all sorts of stuff happening, you name it, it had it: interaction, sharing, brainstorming every ridiculous idea and making it almost like a modern-day Athens, the place of the Athena herself.

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