Credenz 2k19

CREDENZ 2k19 was an inter collegiate event conducted in association with the Computer Society Of India at College Of Engineering Cherthala on 27th September 2019. It was a one day event conducted with the mission to enhance the coordination and participation among the students.The various events were conducted on behalf of this day

1. Blind coding
2. Code Valentine
3. Quizard of Credenz
4. Pub-G
5. Pes
6. Code Nostalgia

The events were handled by the CSI members and there was maximum participation from all the students from different branches.



The competition was held to determine the code typing skills of the students and their debugging abilities. The event started at 1:30 pm and was comprised of about 80 participants. It was held in both labs and project lab. An error code was given to the students and asked to type correctly after switching off the monitor and also by removing the errors. The participant with the least error was declared as the time limit of 1 hour was given to the students. A cash prize of 500 was awarded to the winner..


This competition was pairwise competition in which a question was given and asked to solve it pairwise by discussing it together and then coding separately. The main aim was to improve the coordination and coding skills among the students. A cash prize of 1000 was awarded to the winners.


This was a team-wise competition consisting of two members. The quiz was a general quiz which consisted of two filtration rounds and one main round. The first two rounds were a written round which was conducted by providing the question papers and the final round was conducted by using visually by displaying all the questions on the screen. There was maximum participation from all students. A cash prize of 100 was given to the winners.


This was an online event done to write about their first coding experience. This was a general event and was open to all the students. A time period of a week was given for the submission of their experience via mail. A cash prize of 500 was awarded to the winner.

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